3 Ways our Swim Teacher is Impacting Our Son

“Teacher Jenna” as we all refer to her as, has been Landon’s swim teacher for the past 3 (going on 4) 4-week sessions of swim lessons at the YMCA.  Here are 3 reasons why we are excited to have her as Landon’s teacher.
For the past 3 sessions, Teacher Jenna has specifically asked for Landon and his friend to be in her swim class.  With her consistency, she has built up a trust-factor that is extremely important.  Learning how to swim can be a fearful thing, so having someone that you trust to teach you is a huge thing!  Her consistency has built that trust.  There is definite value to having the same swim teacher week after week and we’re seeing the benefits of Teacher Jenna showing up consistently to teach Landon how to swim.
She doesn’t just show up to get her next class over with.  She has objectives to accomplish for that day.  She has a purpose, and she actively engages in that purpose.  Because she has been showing up consistently, she knows how far Landon has come and what he needs to work on during the next class.  Her consistently has allowed her to engage more appropriately and purposefully.  Teacher Jenna shows up mentally, and that causes us to not want to miss swim lessons because we don’t want to miss another opportunity for Landon to grow and be pushed farther in his swimming abilities.
We invited Teacher Jenna to watch Landon sing and play the role of a sheep in our recent church Christmas program…AND SHE CAME!!  All of us were ecstatic to see her, and especially Landon!  When we talk about Teacher Jenna in the future, no doubt he will remember this event, and that’s exactly what I want to happen.  Coming to the Christmas Program was the icing on the cake that will make swim class even better the next time.  Showing up randomly says, “I CARE!”
Here’s the awesome thing about the above 3 reasons, they are the exact things our Youth Leaders strive to accomplish for your teens!
We’ve brought on several Youth Leaders to our team over the past 6 months, and I’ve personally seen all of them make Youth Group and Youth Activities a priority.  They understand and know the value of showing up consistently in the teens’ lives.  “Middle schoolers need a consistent adult, because nothing else in their life is consistent.  High schoolers need a consistent adult, because they only trust people who show up consistently.”(1)  Showing up predictably leads to trust and trust leads to opportunities to speak truth into their lives.
Our leaders don’t just show up to Youth Group to check it off their weekly to-do list.  They show up ready to engage, ask questions, and find opportunities to deepen their relationships with the teens.  This is definitely why we miss every single teenager when they can’t make it to Youth Group, because each time we meet, it’s an opportunity to leverage and impact that child’s future and we don’t like to miss those opportunities.  I’ve personally witnessed one of our leaders crying over a struggle that one our teens was going through.  Yes, they show up mentally, and it counts.
Sporting events, choir concerts, summer camp, random activities.  Many of our leaders have shown up to all of these things in just the past 6 months.  They realize that showing up randomly greatly impacts what happens on Sundays, and shows these teens, “WE CARE!” 
Planning for the future is all about leveraging opportunities that we have now in order to change the course of the future.
I’m excited about the future of 412 Teens and our Youth Ministry here at Orting Community Baptist Church because of the heart that our Youth Workers have for our teens.  I love serving with them because of that, and it’s visible in the ways that they SHOW UP!
– Pastor Dale
(1) – From the book – It’s Just a Phase So Don’t Miss It

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