Fight the Real Enemy

Ephesians 6:1,2 – “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.  Honor thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;)”
Over the course of your life, how many of your diapers do you think your parents have changed?  Let me give you a hint, the number you’re searching for is easily in the 1,000’s!  Let’s break it down for a moment.  Let’s say that you were fully potty trained by the age of 4, so that means you were in diapers for 1,095 days.  And let’s say that you averaged around 4 diapers a day.  That would bring your average diaper grand total to 4,380 diapers over the course of your potty training years!!  That’s a lot of diapers!  Let’s get one thing straight, there’s no way that I would ever change your diaper, but do you know who was there to change it?…your parents!!  They must have cared about you a whole lot to change over 4,000 of your stinky nasty diapers!!  Yuck!
Think about this for a moment, your parents care for you and love you right now, just as much as they did back when they were changing your diapers.
Think about all the care and the tenderness and the love and the sacrifices and the tears (yes, your parents cry over you!) that your parents have displayed in raising you into who you are today.  Seriously, think about it.   Then answer this question..Why is it that for so many young people, when they hit their teen years, their parents suddenly become their enemy?  ::Insert moapy teen voice:: “I can’t believe my parents won’t let me do _______!”  “I can’t believe they won’t let me hang out with _________, what’s their problem!?”  “They have no idea what’s going on in my life, they don’t want me to have any fun, ugh!”  “They don’t (ready for it?..) care about me!” 
Here’s the facts.  Your parents are not the enemy.  The devil is the real enemy, and he would love nothing more than to get you at odds with the people that completely care about you the most here on earth.
Understand this, your parents can see things that you can’t see, so trust them.  The other day, Cason was crawling toward the toilet brush in the upstairs bathroom.  To him, it looked awesome and a lot of fun to play with.  Thankfully, Ash saw what he was going for and quickly stopped him.  Cason is at a time in his life where he doesn’t know that that would have been a bad idea, but his mom did.  Now, Cason got a little upset over the fact that he couldn’t play with the toilet brush, and the truth is you will probably get a little upset too when you don’t know exactly why your parents aren’t letting you do the things that you perhaps want to do.  You may not even see anything wrong with it or see the danger in it, but your parents can see things that you can’t see.  Maybe you don’t know why they are disciplining you in a certain way, or why they don’t want you to go to a certain place, or hang out with these people, or date this person.  In those moments, in the midst of what seems like absolute devastation and their lack of care for you…trust them, because they’ve cared about you all of your life, and that hasn’t changed.
People are fallible, so yes, your parents will make mistakes (we ALL will!)…but they’re not your enemies, the devil is.  Your parents fight for you, they pray for you, and their amount of care for you cannot be measured.  Trust them, appreciate them, love them, and make those things known to them!
Let me end with this.  When you read through the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15, he was as low as he could go when he was in the pig pen wallowing with the pigs.  It was there in the pig pen that he chose to return and mend the relationship with his father.  Here’s the take away..first, it’s never too late to turn back to God, and remember that it’s never too late to turn back to your family and restore your relationship with your mom and dad.  Nothing will ever change the fact that you are their child, and nothing will ever change the fact that they love and care about you!
Pastor Dale

4 Responses to “Fight the Real Enemy”

  1. David Crist says:

    I was just thinking about this topic the other day. great post

  2. Isabelle says:

    Great message! Gives us teens a lot to think about.

  3. The Bergstroms says:

    We remember when……all true Pastor!!

  4. G-rant says:

    Very encouraging and a great reminder to trust are parents because God knew what he was doing when he gave them to us as leaders and examples.

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